A personal note from Dr. Brandie:

In 1998, I was pregnant with my first child.  It hadn’t been an easy pregnancy with being sick the whole time.  On April 5, 1998, I was going with my mom to pick up more baby things.  My due date wasn’t for another 2 weeks.  As I drove the car down the open road, we saw a truck come into our lane.  I honked and honked but no avail.  We hit head on and my car went into a ditch into a telephone pole.

My immediate thought was my baby, the bouncing bundle of warm rosy cheeks and jet black hair.  My stomach and back ached terribly, and within moments, the ambulance was there.

The man who hit us visited me in the hospital.  He had been working a second job and fell asleep at the wheel with his 7 year old right alongside him.  He waited with me until we found out if my baby was ok.

After many tests, they said the baby and I were fine and I was sent home with pain meds.  I wondered how safe they were and as a result I didn’t take them. The next Monday I went to my family doctor and complained that I couldn’t get comfortable because of the pain in my back, the sciatica, and neck pain. The front of my belly ached from the jolt.  I asked him what I could do.  “Could I try a chiropractor?” The doctor said, “Chiropractors don’t see pregnant patients.  There’s really nothing you can do.” I cried thinking of being stuck sleeping in my chair for the next few weeks.  He saw how upset I was and jumped up on the exam table and told me to do “Cat and Camel stretches” which turned out to be useless.  I looked at him and thought, “Are you kidding me?”

Over the next month, I slept in a chair.  I couldn’t go to work in the Emergency Room where I had worked easily before.  I was scared I was going to lose my job, and tried to ground myself saying that in the end, only the baby mattered.  I couldn’t make my back pain stop and called the family doctor multiple times, met with the same answer.  “When you are pregnant, there is nothing you can do.”

My daughter, Alexandra was two weeks overdue and I had to be induced.  After she arrived, my back pain still remained. When I was “cleared” from the medical doctor, after being in 6 more weeks of pain, I started physical therapy and would bring Aly alongside me as I got electrical stimulation and hot packs.  After a few weeks, they moved me to exercises with machines and I was discharged.

In the months and years after since being a chiropractor and seeing unbelievable ways to help, I wondered how different my pregnancy would have been.  To be able to sleep in my bed without pain.  To shop with my mom for last minute things.  To be able to enjoy the work that I did.  I couldn’t do that – because of my back pain.

Pregnancy is not the same as in your Mother’s day!

Sure, the aches and pains, discomfort and body changes are the same, but pre-natal care has advanced to alleviate, or at least help manage, the normal annoyances of being pregnant.

Wanting the best for yourself and your baby means finding natural alternatives to pain killers and prescription medications.  Chiropractic care is the safe, natural alternative to treating back, hip and neck pain.  Married to chiropractic care is massage therapy.  The two modalities go hand in hand.  Chiropractic aligns your structure, while massage therapy relaxes the muscles that support the structure reducing stress on the mental, physical and emotional levels.  The combination of massage therapy and chiropractic throughout your pregnancy will allow you to fully enjoy the wonders of life growing inside of you.

At King of Prussia Wellness, Dr. Brandie Nemchenko FICPA is fully certified and specializes in pre-natal chiropractic care.  All of our massage therapists have been specially trained in pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of life.  Chiropractic and massage therapy from the time of conception through delivery will help you enjoy it to the fullest.

Dr. Brandie Nemchenko