★★★★★ : MT U. (Yelp!)


My review is two fold, as an athlete and a pregnant person.
I see each doctor based on my particular need. I was introduced to the practice when I was pregnant with my son. I could barely walk, stepping out of a car or a curb was excruciating, as well as sitting or lying. My midwife suggested I try Dr. Brandie, we started with 3 days a week visits, and by the end of the first week I was in MUCH better shape, I noticed a difference after the first visit, but the change from 1-3 was remarkable. I continued seeing her regularly throughout my pregnancy, which I feel truly helped make it enjoyable even though it was in the summer. Once my son was born we both went for regular adjustments, where I noticed marked improvement each time.

Dr. Arthur, is my knee fixer. He’s told me several times, but I have no idea what he does to my knee, but I know that it works. I had my knee replaced at 18 and was told that it would have to get done again in about 15 years (its wasn’t a full replacement, my joint is the only original piece though). On almost the exact anniversary I started having a lot of pain, my knee was frequently giving out on me, and of course I had a new baby. I went to the ortho and was told the only option was surgery. Well, he was wrong. I went to Dr. Arthur and he worked his magic, my knee stopped slipping and the pain stopped. I know that eventually I will have to have my knee fully done, but right now I don’t. Because of him, I was able to go through an intense workout regime this summer, which included running, pain free.

★★★★★ : Krista L. (Yelp!)

When I was pregnant with twins I was having severe hip/lower back issues. It got to the point that I could barely walk. Dr. Brandie was a lifesaver for me–she knew exactly what to do to pop everything back into place with zero discomfort to me. Also, the massages I received helped immensely with the pain. The office was very clean and organized and she made sure I was comfortable when she was doing her adjusting. They were also very accommodating as far as appointments go–they were able to fit me in with very short notice if I was having a particularly bad day. Overall I highly recommend this practice!

★★★★★ Dr. Todd Lloyd

I’m a fellow chiropractor in a different state. I had a patient come in recently who was pregnant and had back pain that I couldn’t resolve in the usual 3-6 visits that it usually takes me.

I know that Dr. Brandie has a lot of experience with the care for expecting mothers and infants, so I gave her a call for her professional opinion. Right away, she honed in on the potential problem. She gave me some advice on how to alter my approach in treating the patient, and the patient’s problems went right away.

I will continue to use her as a trusted adviser, and if you live in the King of Prussia area, you should do the same.

★★★★★ Wonderful! – Coleen C. (Insider Pages)

I went to Dr. Brandie with pain in my tailbone after the delivery of two children. It was getting increasingly painful to the point I could not sit for any period of time, especially in the car. After a couple of months I am almost completely pain free (and we are working on the last little bit). King of Prussia Family Wellness is a wonderful place to be treated. The staff are exceptional and the offices are clean and enjoyable. I was able to take my two kids with me to many appointments without a problem. I would highly recommend their services.

★★★★★ A Great Chiro Who Loves Kids – Brianna J. (Insider Pages)

I first came to Dr. Brandie for a routine adjustment during pregnancy. I was amazed at how comfortable I was during a chiro exam, even with a huge 8-month pregnancy belly! My two-year-old had no problem finding something to occupy herself during the adjustment, either. The staff was great, and they seem to love kids, which I appreciate.

My second visit was to address some post-partum discomfort in tailbone. Dr. Brandie found the painful spot immediately, worked her magic and I haven’t had much discomfort with it since! Once again, my three-year-old was content in the exam room. But what I really loved was how tolerant the staff was of my 6-month-old crawling around. I was worried that I was asking to much of my kids to come to a visit, but Dr. Brandie had no trouble adjusting me around my busy baby and inquisitive toddler.

★★★★★ Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic Care  – Jennifer I. (Insider Pages)

I started seeing Dr. Brandie when I was pregnant with my first child. I was desperate to find a chiropractor who was certified in prenatal chiropractic care as I was experiencing a lot of back, hip, neck and leg pain with my pregnancy. Dr. Brandie did not disappoint me, she and her staff made my pregnancy so much more comfortable and enjoyable through chiropractic care and therapeutic massage. I am now pregnant with my second child and see Dr. Brandie regularly, as does my 2 year old daughter. There is no one else I would trust for our chiropractic needs.

★★★★★ Dr. Brandie made me love being pregnant! – Sarah L. (Insider Pages)

I was referred to Dr. Brandie by a friend who had seen her for her pregnancy. I was afraid to see anyone since this was my first baby and had never been to a chiropractor but my back pain was so bad. I was so scared because I couldn’t take anything and my doctor said there was nothing they could do!

I was hating life and wasn’t able to enjoy being pregnant.

Dr. Brandie has to be the warmest person I ever met. She told me that she wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t comfortable with and explained things in terms that were easy to understand.

There were no x-rays and she explained that chiropractic and massage therapy were totally safe and showed me pillows that she and the massage therapists she has use so that I could lay comfortably on my belly.

The treatment was gentle and that day I was able to sit in a hard chair and take walks with my husband again. I saw her up until the day before I delivered and had an amazing birth.

I owe her a lot because what started out as an incredibly painful pregnancy – was actually enjoyable and not bad! I’ve referred a lot of my friends to her and they love her, too!