A letter from Dr. Brandie:

“Originally, my husband Arthur and I had no intentions of being chiropractors. We met at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lancaster where Arthur worked in the ICU – he is actually a former medical doctor from the Soviet Union – and I was a paramedic working in the Emergency Department. We were both happy working as medical personnel but things changed after we had our daughter, Ali.

In 1999 Ali was only a year old when she twisted and broke her leg while dancing on a hardwood floor.  After her cast finally came off she had a severe limp and people often asked us why she walked like a duck.  We went to 3 different specialists and the only solution they could come up with was to wait until she was 4 years old and they would re-break her leg or keep her in a brace. I was devastated because I feared it was permanent.

Someone asked me after a few months if I had ever thought of taking her to a chiropractor.  I told them they were nuts – what did a chiropractor have to do with a broken leg? But at that point, we were desperate. Arthur and I agreed to go in and just listen to the doctor – but he wasn’t going to touch her.

Upon meeting the doctor, Ali took to him right away. He showed us how one of her legs appeared longer than the other and that it was caused by the weight of her hip cast which had caused her pelvis to misalign. This misalignment of her pelvis made her leg appear short due to spasm in the surrounding muscles. It seemed logical so we consented to treatment at the visit.

After he gently adjusted Ali, she giggled and then got up and walked like nothing had happened, without any sign of a limp. We were thrilled and relieved. On the way home we decided that this was what we wanted to do – so we both went back to school and became doctors of chiropractic.  After completing our studies at the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO, we returned to Pennsylvania and began practicing, starting at offices at area gyms.

We opened our own practice, King of Prussia Family Wellness Center, in May of 2003 on Ali’s 5th birthday.

I approach my patients the same way I would treat a family member because we understand how frustrating it is to be in pain and not get answers.  The benefit with consulting with us – is that we know what is ours (musculoskeletal) and what isn’t. We’ve seen it working the hospital.  If we can’t help you – we will literally make the calls to get you to someone who can.”

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